VoIP Phones for San Diego

Toshiba’s VoIP phone systems offer the kind of versatility and scalability your business needs. Tailor any of Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ systems to create a pure IP telephone system or a converged solution. So whether your business has just a few employees—or a thousand, telecommunication solutions from Toshiba fit the bill.


The Toshiba Strata CIX VoIP Phone Systems Family

CIX40 CIX100 CIX200 CIX670 CIX1200
Supports 4-11 trunks or 8-40 telephones depending upon configuration choices Supports up to 64 trunks or 72 telephones and combinations up to 112 trunks and telephones Supports up to 112 trunks or 160 telephones and combinations up to 192 trunks and telephones Supports up to 264 trunks or 560 telephones and combinations up to 672 trunks and telephones Supports up to 440 trunks or 1,000 telephones and combinations up to 1,152 trunks and telephones


The Strata CIX is a converged IP and digital phone system. With a capacity to handle IP, digital, and analog phones, the Strata CIX is ideal for businesses that want to shift to pure IP step-by-step. Whether you have 8 or 1000 employees, Strata CIX has a model just right for you. Look at the wonderful features of Strata CIX:

  • IP and Digital end points
  • Call management from your PC
  • Multiple network connection choices
  • Complete mobility solutions
  • Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Integrated voice mail
  • Extensive messaging system
  • Media Application server that can handle voice processing and value added applications into an integrated solution

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