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An efficient telecommunication system comprises of many features needed to maintain seamless communication at work. Higher productivity as well as better ROI is the primary goal of every business owner. These can be easily achieved with the help of an effective business phone system.

Enhancement of business processes will lead to higher productivity and businesses need to use smarter communication tools to achieve this. The success strategy of bigger companies includes a clear business communication goal and a plan to accomplish the same. This is applicable to the small or medium scale enterprises too. A clear and well-planned business communication goal would eliminate bottlenecks present in a business process and will facilitate better communication.

Over the past few decades, telecommunication technology has made huge progress and the good old PSTN systems are on the way out. Their place is slowly and steadily being taken over by completely digital IP/VoIP telephone systems.

Companies that installed these latest communication systems are enjoying numerous advantages. The latest tools facilitate effective communication with clients, vendors, employees, and business partners. Every employee of the company can communicate with their peers as well as customers without worrying about telephone bills.

IP/VoIP telephony converts analog signals to digital signals and transmits them over the Internet or secured IP network.

Hosted telephony takes this one step further by offering cloud based business phones without the additional installation. Business owners will have to pay only a fixed monthly fee to avail of the VoIP services.

Advantages of IP/VoIP Business Phones

Commworld of San Diego North helps companies in and around San Diego install and maintain IP business telephone systems.

VoIP telephony comes with several advanced features such as call manager, priority call routing, high volume call handling, video/audio call conferencing, smart phone integration and unified communication. Some of the benefits offered by VoIP telephony are:

  • Greater flexibility
  • VoIP services can be accessed from a variety of platforms
  • High volume call handling
  • Effective customer service
  • Effective call routing
  • Higher savings with low rates on long distance calls
  • Better communication between departments
  • Better system reliability

IP Telephone Systems

Businesses are switching over to the new VoIP business telephone systems. The reasons are quite obvious – access to advanced telephony features that come with VoIP services. Low call rates associated with IP telephones is it’s biggest attraction. IP telephone systems are quickly replacing the old PSTN systems, and the days are not far when PSTN will be retired completely.

Long distance or overseas calls are cheaper when you are using IP phone services. With your PSTN connection replaced with WAN, all the traffic from your office goes via your Net connection. Irrespective of how much you use or how many calls you make, your WAN connection charges are fixed for the month. With SIP trunking, you can make and receive calls to/from a mobile phone or a PSTN land line.

VoIP Phone Systems

Commworld of San Diego North is proud to offer popular VoIP service to all businesses in San Diego. Commworld strives to work with the latest VoIP telephony service and that comes with some of the most advanced telephony features in the market.

SIP Trunking

Traditionally, phone calls are made through a PSTN network where the exchange is hosted in the service provider’s premises. The exchange is connected to your office through PRI or analog lines. When you lift the phone, you get connected immediately to the exchange and you can make the calls. Generally, there is a charge for every call you make, as well as minimum monthly charges. In this environment, for Internet connection, you need a separate line coming into your office. This could be a data or broadband circuit. Most data or broadband circuits have fixed monthly charges with unlimited usage that also extends to voice calls.

With SIP trunking, traditional phone lines are not needed any more. Instead, voice and data are transported over your data or broadband connections. As long as the party on the other side of your call also has an IP connection, the circuit stays digital and the call travels over the Internet connection only.

Let us assume you make a call to a regular land line or a mobile phone. This has to travel outside the Internet connection. From your office to the ISP provider, the call goes through the same Internet connection. There, you are connected to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), who does the switching from IP Telephony to analog or cell circuit and back to IP Telephony. You can instruct the ITSP to choose the route with the lowest call rates, so you end up saving money when making the call. When you receive a call from an external line, the caller pays for the call.

SIP trunking is a great way to keep you communication completely IP based and, at the same time, have the ability to make and receive calls from anyone or anywhere without incurring huge long distance charges.

IP Phone Devices

IP phones are made to work with IP circuits. With built in flexibility, these phones can be programmed to function the way you want. Use the Internet or your private Intranet to give full phone functionality to any location in the world.

  • Integrated high speed switch providing the fastest network access
  • Easy to read display for superior readability in most light conditions
  • Low-profile design and unique 8 angle tilt-base
  • Call announcement through speaker or handset
  • Superior sound through speakers or handset
  • Prompts that help you complete common tasks
  • Programmable buttons to complete all tasks

Digital Telephones

Commworld of San Diego North offers a large collection of digital telephones with features like:

  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch for connecting with High-speed network
  • Improved Readability
  • Speaker or handset facility for Off Hook Call Announcement
  • Fully programmable in terms of functionality
  • Pure digital clarity

IP/VoIP Mobility Solutions

We also offer the complete range of mobility solutions. Features offered by IP/VoIP mobility solutions are:

  • Flexibility of using the wireless digital phones from anywhere in the premises or building
  • The feature of desktop phone can be used with the Wireless SIP DECT IP4100
  • Use the phone system within the range of the IP connection
  • One number to access cell phone or desk phones

For full details on mobility, call us today!

Small Business VoIP Phone Systems

When you look at the phone system solutions available, it is understandable if you get worried about the size of investment needed, and what internal support systems you have to set up. We work with you in identifying the specific models tailor made for small and medium businesses.

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