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Our consultative process works every time

We provide, install, and support telecommunications, network cabling, and surveillance solutions that work seamlessly – giving your team confidence to serve your customers from anywhere, in a timely and professional manner. Once we consult with you on your unique needs, we provide customized solutions that work for you, no matter what size business you have.

Our Services

Business Phone Systems and Structured Cabling

  • Discovery and analysis of current needs
  • Tailored options
  • Implementation
  • Customized programming
  • Training

Surveillance Systems


  • Discovery and analysis of current needs
  • Tailored options
  • Implementation
  • Customized programming
  • Training

Maintenance and Repair


  • Personalized support
  • 24×7 availability
  • Full maintenance contracts
  • Emergency and repair services
  • Per-call basis options

“I am so glad I found you guys; I will sleep well tonight now that I don’t have to worry about our phones!”

Luisa Barron

Bernardo Dermatology Medical Group, Inc.

Our Process

Unmatched Discovery and Education

With our unique consultative process as a guide, you’re guaranteed the best solution for your needs. Our goal is to educate you upfront so you can make the best decision in choosing a system. Unlike other telecommunications providers, we care about the details and we care how your business operates so when it comes to implementation, you are left with an effective system, customized to fit your needs and the confidence that it will keep on working. If you need changes after the implementation, we’re only a phone call or email away.


1. Discovery 

Together, we establish project goals, budget, timelines, requirements, and everything needed for project success. We learn about you, who your ideal customer is, and your daily business and operational challenges, so we can understand and propose the right solution that will work best for you.

2. Site Survey 

 We often perform a site visit to your office – when we can physically see the environment where you work, we can offer the best advice possible.

3. Analysis 

 The key to a successful phone system is ensuring all the components of your network are equipped to handle an IP solution. We survey your entire network from cabling to network equipment to your internet connection. We analyze your internet bills to understand your current internet and phone services for speed, feature types, and charges you are incurring and make recommendations from there.

4. Cost of Ownership Analysis 

We provide a cost of ownership analysis that looks five years out so you can see your savings and costs. We walk through this with you and answer any questions you may have. We find this is the most effective way to compare the costs of on-premise solutions with the monthly recurring charge model of a hosted solution. We take into account any services we’re able to consolidate for you such as Zoom subscriptions, texting apps, and E-Fax applications.

5. Demo 

 If you’d like, we can demo the phone system for you either virtually or in person if you are local to San Diego, the demo can include Call Center applications and reporting so you feel comfortable with your options.

6. Exceptional and Customized Implementation

We custom program your phone solution so you can be confident that your system will work well on day one. And using advanced calculation and layout design, we install structured cabling that will last years and will work flawlessly to support your business communications.

7. Training

Whether your team is working remotely or in the office, we provide full training for your new systems. We offer customized documentation, training videos, and can also conduct live virtual training sessions. Our experience has shown that using these tools can increase the engagement of your team and adoption of the new solution.

“Every time I work with you guys you are fantastic. I really appreciate all the effort that went into the analysis.”
Pastor Rob Horne

Penasquitos Lutheran Church

Personalized Support, Maintenance, and Repair – 24×7

We back up our word with a commitment to you by offering full maintenance contracts for uninterrupted service, as well as emergency and other repair services. You can count on us. We’re always available – 24×7.

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