Personalized Support, Maintenance, and Repair – 24x7

We back up our word with a commitment to you by offering full maintenance contracts for uninterrupted service, as well as emergency and other repair services. You can count on us. We’re always available – 24×7.

Our Emergency, Priority, and Standard Service programs are offered on a per-call basis. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we serve all of San Diego County for business phone maintenance and repair needs.


Knowledgeable and Trained Technicians

Our technicians provide impeccable service, giving us the reputation as the best business phone maintenance and repair company in San Diego. Training is a priority for our technicians so you can be confident they are knowledgeable and experienced on the hardware and software of the phone systems we implement. We’ve installed voice and data cabling for thousands of our clients in the San Diego community.

“Mark is my new hero. He was able to restore service so give him a gold star for me please. Thank you again for your great service.”
Jim Flood

Personally Fit, Inc.

Our business phone maintenance and repair services include:

  • Onsite IP phone repair and service
  • Remote maintenance
  • Repair or replace defective equipment
  • Update voicemail directory
  • Reset voice mail security codes or mailboxes
  • E-mail/phone support
  • One hour service call for adds/moves/changes
  • Update system software and firmware
  • Test batteries in battery back-up
  • Update holiday schedule
  • Onsite or virtual training is available
  • Phone bill analysis
  • Technology review