Toshiba telephone systems have been honored with “Product of the Year” and “Editor’s Choice” Awards by several independent trade journals.


Toshiba’s reliability is legendary. Toshiba has one of the lowest “Mean-Time-Between-Failure” rates and has earned the respect of the entire communications industry. This proven reliability reduces maintenance cost and increases the longevity of your system.


Allow technology to work for your business with auto attendant, direct lines to individuals, and IP networking to link office locations with extension dialing. IP phones and soft IP phones create connectivity anywhere you have internet access. This includes outside sales staff on the road or employees working from home.


Toshiba Systems grow with your business. Toshiba’s building block design and modular growth make it possible to upgrade your system with up to 1200 lines and stations while retaining most of your original equipment. Start with the phones you need and add components when required to effectively manage equipment cost.


Toshiba telephone systems can be upgraded with new features as they are introduced. This means your phone system stays up-to-date with enhancements in technology, regardless of when you made your original purchase. This greatly increases the life of your system. Older Toshiba telephones and components can be used in brand new systems with Toshiba’s migration capability. Other manufacturers abandon their old customers by making old equipment obsolete when they introduce new products.